Ever wish you could travel back through time? Here is an opportunity to witness a show that features one of the greatest sopranos the world had ever seen before the invention of recordings – Jenny Lind. 

That’s right! Jenny Lind, who performed in Louisville, Kentucky and Madison, Indiana  the week of April 7, 1851, is making a return visit in Kentucky playwright, Mike Smith’s,  mid-1800s musical production of When Jenny Lind Came to Town, starting with a five-day run at the Clifton Center in Louisville, Kentucky,  April 3-7, 2013.


Produced by the world’s greatest promoter, P.T. Barnum, taking Jenny Lind on tour was his chance to show the world that he could provide audiences a cultural experience.

Even before an English Invasion  in the U.S., America welcomed the “Swedish Nightingale.” Come join us in the reenactment of this event, and hear the first “vocal superstar” in When Jenny Lind Came to Town!, just as she appeared in 1851.


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